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Important shipping information due to the Covid-19 situation (Update 15. 11. 2022)

Once again, shipping has changed! German post finally offers the cheaper tracked + insured option again. That means that international shipping, including USA, is down to 8.90€ again. Which is great! 

BUT (there is always a but...) they currently only sending out packages by sea and not by any planes. Which means, that it could take up to 30 days - 60 days for your order to arrive. However, the good thing is I can send out your orders more regularly now, because I don't have to drive to the Netherlands anymore to send out your packages and shipping is cheaper again.

The shipping prices for Germany, EU and other than USA hasn't changed.

That means: 

- Germany 4,30€

- EU 8,90€

-USA 8,90€

- Every other country 8,90€

Unfortunately shipping to Chile is currently not possible!

You will receive a shipping announcement with your tracking number via mail as soon as your order is on its way.

However, please keep in mind that your orders might take a while until it arrives because of the current situation!

As always thank you guys for sticking around with me and all the support and love!

We will get through this.



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