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About Me

Hey doll lovers out  there,

My name is Wiwi and I'm a doll lover living in Germany. I am a trained seamstress and I have a Bachelor's degree in Textile Design. I always wanted to use my training to do something professional, but not in the conventional way. That is why I started producing doll accessories and clothes. What started as a hobby, has now begun to turn into true profession. I am proud to present my all new online shop to you now, which is full of basics, special editions, all time favorites and new items being uploaded on a regulery basis. Improving the quality of my products as well as my online shop, is a permanent must to me, as I try to always provide you with doll fashion of the highest possible quality. Despite all that, my products are 100% handmade, which does not exclude tiny flaws, so please bear with me!

Feel free to contact me on any platform, I usually do not bite. I will be glad to help and answer any questions for you! :)

Wiwi Profil.JPG
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