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Cutie Summer Top

Cutie Summer Top

Did you know that different sleeve styles can totally change up the feeling of a clothing piece, even though the base is the same? I've already made a bunch of V-neck tops and I often just changed the fabric. This time, however, I was in the mood to try something new. Well, actually these kind of tops aren't new in the human fashion world, but it was the first time for me sewing and making the pattern for these. Anyways, I had this fabric lying around for two years now and I never really knew what to do with it, but I loved the texture and the glow of it. So I did my first prototype of the Cutie Summer Top and you guys seemed to love the style. Well, after several trials and errors... I can finally present the finished Summer Top to you guys. And since I wanted to make this top as cute as possible I decided to add a little white bow at the center. 


It fits bust sizes up to smooth L, but that's really tight. In the pictures you can see Chi wearing this Top with the smooth Medium. I personally prefer the Smooth M bust style.



I recommend removing the bust f