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Leggings in pink

Leggings in pink

These leggings look absolutley adorable with the Tube Top with the same pattern or the front twist shirt with the same pattern or the peplum shirt with the same pattern... (wow, it seems like I used this fabric quite often this season, haha). These are the first leggins I made after such a long time. I used to make way much more of these back in the days when I still made clothes for Minifee. Anyways, please remove the foot first before putting these leggings on. The twin-needle-stitch (not sure how it's actually called) is stretchy but not stretchy enough to stretch over the foot. I will use another stitch technique for the next leggings batch.


These leggings are especially made to fit Smart Dolls so I'm not sure if they fit other dolls as well. 



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