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Lilac Yukata

Lilac Yukata

Please make sure to check the pictures above to see how to wear this clothing piece. Also, don't close it to the opposite side because I've heard that this causes bad luck and we definetly do not want that! 


This Yukata comes with a belt that closes with a velcro at the back and also has a big beautiful bow. Previous Yukatas came with a simple belt that needed to be tied.


The Yukata fits smaller and larger bust sizes but keep in mind that bigger bust sizes might not be completely coverd up. 



- Smart Doll Chitose Imagine with Small default bust


    This fabric has been pre-washed and stain tested on vinyl chips, so it neither stain the chips nor my Doll during this time. But I cannot 100% guarantee that my fabrics never stain your doll because the process of staining often depends on other factors as well. Please check my FAQ for more info.


    With this order you will get one of my Yukata. Please keep in mind, that the doll and all other items shown in the product photo are not included.