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Meowy Christmas Card

Meowy Christmas Card

Ho-ho-ho everyone!

Have you already got all the christmas presents for your friends and family? Yes? So why don't you top if off with a cute christmas card? Luckily I got you covered!

This digital download comes with three different print out sizes DIN-A4, DIN-A5 and DIN-A6. However, DIN-A5 is a foldable card. So you can write something on the inside, fold it and gift this to your love ones. You can use whatever paper you like (and your printer can handle). I personally really love how it looks on glossy paper or on the ones with a subtle glittery sheen on it. You can even print the DIN-A6 size on a sticker paper and use this as a sticker. 


Please note, that the colors may be different due to your printer settings.

And please, do not redistribute without permission!

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