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Sana Face Chart

Sana Face Chart

Doing face-ups is a big, big part of the BJD/doll community. And even though Smart Dolls do already  come with beautiful company face ups, I know that sometimes you still want to make your doll super special and different from other dolls. Or you have a specific character in mind, but you can't find the one doll, that fits your idea. So you just decide to try and make it on your own or commision a face-up artist. 


Well, that's when these face-charts come in handy! The doll community is wide-spread all over the world and sometimes you like the style of a specific face-up artist, but due to different languages you have trouble communicating your ideas properly. Maybe you want big lashes, red blush, purple eyeshadow, an eyebrow piercing and even a subtitutional mod. In this case you can simply download and print the face chart of your choice (idealy of the vinyl head you want to do an face up on) and start sketching and coloring all the ideas you have in mind. Finally, you can show this the face-up artist of your choice and the artist will exactly understand your wishes.  Also, you'll know what you're gonna get.


Additionally, you can use this to practice your own face up skills and sketching up your ideas before you start to go in with the real deal. Or just print these to have some fun coloring it with your kids on a sunday afternoon. 


This sheet was ment to be printed in DIN-A4, however, you can just scale it up or down to your liking through your printer settings.




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