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Summer Yukata

Summer Yukata

Hello and welcome to the Yukata Pre-order! YAAAAY! Before you place an order please read the following text first.


Well, if you've been following me on Instagram you've might already seen some behind the scenes pictures of the designing and making of this product. If not here is a quick recap:


The design of the fabric is made by me. So that means I painted the flowers with watercolor on paper, scanned them to my computer and edited and arranged them in Photoshop. Then I ordered a sample pack of fabrics from the company that printed this fabric and chose the fabric I thought, would work great as a Yukata. Turned out, this wonderful soft Batist made out of 100% cotton works perfectly for this project. After receiving the printed fabric I washed it and then stain tested it for about a month. Meanwhile I made the actual pattern of the Yukata with a few trials and errors until I was happy with the outcome. When I first posted a picture of the Yukata the Obi was pink with a white ribbon. However, I didn't like the look of it and the colors seemed to be to ...flat. So I switched the pink fabric with the ribbon to this beautiful babyblue colored Jacquard fabric. It has these gorgerous flowers with some texture and a light sheen on it. I think this complements the Yukata so well and gives the look so much more depth. 


Since the fabric of the Yukata is a Cotton Batist, it tends to crinkle quite a bit, but you can easily remove the wrinkles by using a steamer or an iron. Please make sure to check the pictures above to see how to wear this clothing piece. Also, don't close it to the opposite side because I've heard that this causes bad luck and we definetly do not want that! 


The Yukata fits smaller and larger bust sizes but keep in mind that bigger bust sizes might not be completely coverd up. 


Please keep in mind that this is a Pre-Order. So I'll need appox. 2-4 weeks to finish this. Shipping time itself depends on the shipping method you choose. Please read my updated shipping information for more info.



- Custom Smart Doll 'Loyalty' with Medium Smooth bust

- Smart Doll 'Chitose Multiverse' with default S bust


    This fabric has been pre-washed and stain tested on vinyl chips, so it neither stain the chips nor my Doll during this time. But I cannot 100% guarantee that my fabrics never stain your doll because the process of staining often depends on other factors as well. Please check my FAQ for more info.


    With this order you will get one of my Yukata. Please keep in mind, that the doll and all other items shown in the product photo are not included.


    After you placed your order I will start packing everything with love and bring it to the post office within 2 to 4 working days.


    Please double check your address to prevent the package getting lost or send back to me. Unfortunately, I cannot cover the shipping fees if your order returns back to me. Costs for a second shipment would have to be borne by you. For this, I would ask you for a second payment of shipping costs. I ask for your understanding, because Moyashi Doll is a small company.


    Every single piece in my shop is handmade with love and passion, so there might be some little imperfections. Please carefully reconsider placing an order if you are concerned about this. Please also keep in mind that product color may appear differently depending on your monitor settings and may vary from the product delivered.

  • Thank you so much for looking.

    - Wiwi <3

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